Integration of Robots
RDI Robots is an international company in the spheres of R&D, Design and Integration of robotic solutions into our everyday life
Headquarter located in Dubai,
Global highly-skilled team and partners worldwide
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Why RDI?
The robot is autonomous and doesn't require people to control its work
Add new movements, emotions, and phrases into the robot; no experience required
Promobot specialists monitor robots' operation 7 days a week and help via client chats. Each robot comes with a 1-year warranty
Metal body protects Promobot against damage and unauthorized access. Movement sensors ensure that it never harms a person
Automation of menial tasks is the future of service. Pioneer the trends of tomorrow
Autonomous work
Easy setup
Technical support
Partnership options
Safe to use
New technology
We offer discounts, leasing, and part payment
Explore the fascinating world of robotics and witness the cutting-edge advancement in interactive entertainment.

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