The Ultimate AI-Powered Humanoid Robot
Robot Ardi
Welcome to the future of robotics with Robot Ardi, the cutting-edge AI-powered humanoid.
Ardi is the epitome of innovation and technology, designed to communicate like a human, express emotions, and perform complex tasks with finesse.
The Latest Advancement of the Robot Technology
Experience immersive interaction with Ardi as it captivates with impressive gesticulation, flawlessly mimics emotions, and engages in smart, natural dialogue, creating an unforgettable and lifelike experience like no other in the world of robotics.
Reproduces over 600 micro-expressions
due to moving eyes, eyebrows, lips, neck and facial “muscles”
13 degrees of freedom
of moving arms manipulators
Moving torso and shoulders
designed on human kinematics
AI speech modules
allow smart conversation
3 degrees of freedom
The robot's body showcases the expertise of our highly skilled engineers, who have utilized cutting-edge technologies in its creation. Its modular design offers flexibility, allowing us to adjust the size to align perfectly with your business requirements, ranging from M to XL and available in both male and female versions
Neck & Shoulders.
3 degrees of freedom
Drawing inspiration from human kinematics, the robot's neck is thoughtfully designed to ensure durability and smooth movements even during frequent use. Meanwhile, the shoulders boast exceptional flexibility, providing precise motion in multiple directions.
13 degrees of freedom
The intricately crafted hands and arms of the robot enable natural gestures and expressions, lending it a lifelike quality that enhances its ability to engage and communicate effectively. This meticulous attention to detail showcases the seamless fusion of advanced engineering and emotional depth, embodying the essence of Ardi's presence.
Captivating Expressions
With an impressive repertoire of over 600 micro-expressions, Ardi comes to life through its moving eyes, expressive eyebrows, lips, neck, and facial "muscles." This dynamic range of emotions adds a captivating touch to every interaction, making it a truly engaging experience.
Customizable Appearance
Unlock the possibilities of customization with our robot's individualized appearance creation process*. Choose from a range of standard appearances or design a completely unique look to suit your preferences.
The process of creating a unique robot appearance involves:

  • Selecting and coordinating appearance features
  • Creating a 3D model
  • Silicone casting with layered application
  • Adding artificial eyes, teeth, and hair
  • Applying personalized makeup
*Legal considerations may apply to appearance choices
Ardi's Advanced Features
Autonomous Operation
Ardi is built for fully autonomous operation, guaranteeing reliable performance without constant supervision
Versatility and Customization
Adaptable and personalized, Ardi excels in a wide range of use cases, catering to diverse scenarios and individual preferences
Social Interface of the Future
RoboShow is designed to create a wow-effect, generate a strong emotional bond with a product and leave a lasting impression
Multilingual Support
Breaking language barriers, Ardi communicates effortlessly in English, Arabic, Hindi, and Russian
Tailored Software Solutions
Our team at RDI Robots can develop customized software to suit your specific business needs or seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
Versatile Use Cases
In the role of a receptionist, Ardi becomes an invaluable asset for any organization. Utilizing AI and advanced technology to manage appointments, Ardi welcomes guests and provides essential information. Its human-like communication skills and efficiency create a professional and welcoming atmosphere, optimizing the organization's overall efficiency and image.
Administrative Assistant
As an administrative assistant, Ardi utilizes state-of-the-art technology and intelligent automation to streamline tasks such as appointment scheduling, data entry, and document management. With Ardi's unmatched efficiency, it revolutionizes how administrative duties are managed, enhancing productivity and innovation in the workplace.
Information Specialist
In the role of an information specialist, Ardi acts as a cutting-edge AI-powered humanoid robot, seamlessly delivering essential travel information to tourists. Ardi provides personalized recommendations, supports multiple languages, assists with navigation and wayfinding, collects feedback, and showcases informative materials on its display, ensuring a memorable and fulfilling travel experience.