Unique Interactive Show Exposition
Unique interactive show exposition including the last generation anthropomorphic robot with a range of customisable services provided by the accompaniment of the latest technologies in the event industry.
Offers a great way for customers to engage with a modern, interactive experience that will make visiting it an exciting and memorable event.
RoboShow represents a cutting-edge innovation in the world of entertainment and marketing.
State-of-the-Art Technology
Unique multimedia show scenarios:
Exclusive cases:
Languages supported:
Video files:
over 500
Audio files:
more than 2000
Settings for lighting and special effects:
Professional lighting
Full color laser system
Pro audio equipment
Last generation anthropomorphic robot
Multimedia display
Antropomorphic robot
Ardi is the new generation of high-tech robots that communicates like a human, expresses emotions and gesticulates
Reproduces over 600 micro-expressions
due to moving eyes, eyebrows, lips, neck and facial “muscles”
13 degrees of freedom
of moving arms manipulators
Moving torso and shoulders
designed on human kinematics
AI speech modules
allow smart conversation
Brand New Customer Experience
RoboShow offers a unique and unforgettable experience for the guests. With its advanced technologies and customisable services, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on everyone who interacts with it
About me

Meet Ardi the Robot, your interactive companion, as he shares his fascinating story and capabilities
Interesting fact

Discover intriguing and surprising facts from the world of robotics and technology, shared by our knowledgeable robot

Learn about our esteemed business partner and their contributions to the interactive show, presented by the robot

Strike a pose and capture a memorable moment with Ardi the Robot, creating a unique and shareable experience

Immerse yourself in the artistic world as the robot recites a captivating poem, showcasing its creative abilities

Challenge your mind with an engaging riddle presented by the robot, putting your problem-solving skills to the test

Experience a glimpse into the future as the robot shares predictions and insights that may intrigue and amaze you

Enjoy a delightful musical performance as the robot sings a popular hit, showcasing its versatile talents

Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the robot's mind-bending illusions and captivating tricks

Celebrate special moments as the robot delivers heartfelt congratulations to you or your loved ones, creating lasting memories
Phygital Engagement

Register your phygital union, merging the physical and digital worlds in a unique and personalized experience
Ardi is happy to
Sing popular hits
Make selfies with visitors
Tell a lovely poem
Offer an interactive game
Foretell the future
Register a marriage
A cutting-edge way of integrating physical and digital experiences that is sure to wow the customers
Ardi the robot will register a “marriage”, utter the Oath of Allegiance, issue the “cyber-marriage certificate”* and offer special tech-infused wedding rings as a symbol of your love.
*This “marriage certificate” will have no legal force and serve solely as a souvenir
Watch the video
Leave your contact information in the form, and be the first to choose your perfect date and time to have your marriage registered by Ardi.
Get ready to say 'I do' with Ardi the robot!
RoboShow Benefits for Visitors
Social interface of the future
RoboShow is a unique social interface designed to provide a new level of interaction with your guests in a fun and entertaining way
Entertainment Value
Customizable services and technologies are sure to engage and captivate your audience thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
Emotional Bond
RoboShow is designed to create a wow-effect, generate a strong emotional bond with a product and leave a lasting impression
Autonomous Operation
RoboShow is designed for fully autonomous operation, which means that you can rely on it to run smoothly and consistently without the need for constant monitoring or supervision
Can be customised to suit any type of event or individually tailored to meet any specific business needs required for its successful and efficient operation
Multiple Languages Support
Supports four languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi to ensure each visitor could engage in an interactive fairy-tale.
Watch the video
Watch the video
RoboShow Benefits for Business
Unique selling proposition
to set your business apart from the competition
Generating traffic product
leading to a higher turnover and increased profits
New marketing opportunities
increasing brand visibility and awareness
Repeat business
leading to a loyal customer base and increased turnover over time
Upsell services
offered by the robot allow to increase the average check
way to increase turnover without incurring additional costs of hiring operating staff
Competitive advantage
over other businesses in the industry, leading to increased turnover and market share
Easy to install and operate
so that you can focus on promoting your brand and engaging with customers
Technical Support
providing assistance, guidance, optimizing performance and answering questions available 24/7
Next Big Business Idea
Join the forefront of innovation and establish a thriving business with our groundbreaking product. Investment in innovations with quick and high returns
$990 000
NPV for 3 years
8 month
as a payback period
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